Can you confirm that your organisation does not distribute profits?
(you must be a non-profit organisation such as a charity or social enterprise)

Can you confirm that your project is based in Scotland?

Can you confirm that your organisation is not currently receiving Edinburgh Airport sponsorship or grant funding, or has not received it in the last year?

If you are a school, public sector body or local authority, are you able to advise why it is not possible to fund your proposal through funding from these sources?

Can you confirm that the activity you want funding for is specifically focused on education, health and wellbeing, environment or community enhancement?

Can you confirm that you have clearly identified the benefits and impact that your planned activity will achieve for your target audience, including the number of people it will help?

Can you confirm that any additional funding necessary for the running of your project is either already secured, or will be secured, on condition of a successful application with Edinburgh Airport’s Community Board?

Can you provide proof that there is opportunity for Edinburgh Airport to receive PR or brand exposure on the back of this funding?

Can you confirm that the funding will not be used to pay for uniforms, sporting strips, staff or volunteer costs or expenses?